The purpose of a professional substance use evaluation is to determine if a problem exists and if so, how severe it is and what level of intervention might be needed. An alcohol and drug evaluation explores what substance you have been using, how much and how often, under what circumstances, and how it is affecting areas of your life.

A substance use evaluation helps to:

  • Assess if an individual has a drug or alcohol addiction
  • Determines the extent of substance use or addiction
  • Detects if there are any co-occurring mental and/or physical health concerns, or other substance use
  • Gauges the extent of the substance use effects in the person’s life
  • Furnishes an understanding of the individual and their circumstances so the evaluator can establish a baseline and build a treatment plan that gives an individual their best chance to achieve the greatest success

Positive Connections Plus uses the Idaho State approved evaluation reporting form and is the only approved Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Division of Behavioral health DUI Evaluation Provider in Blaine County. Our evaluators always start with a neutral position and avoid drawing any conclusions about your circumstances and substance use. This evaluation is a tool used to help you reach your greatest potential and is not used to make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. You might fear being completely forthcoming about your substance use behaviors but you must remember that ultimately the evaluation outcome will be for your own benefit. The provider cannot fully develop a treatment plan without knowing exactly where you are within your substance use or addiction. In addition to your substance use, this is also a time for you to discuss any other factors that might be influencing your substance use or affecting your recovery. It is the perfect time to be completely honest about your circumstances. The more honest you are, the greater the chance to benefit from the evaluation.

It is important to keep in mind it will be most beneficial for you to begin the process immediately. Not only will it demonstrate to the court that you are taking your circumstances seriously, but also allows you the opportunity to receive the help that you may need as soon as possible.

There will be certain documents that you will need to bring to your evaluation appointment. The following may be furnished by yourself or your attorney should you have one:

  • Personal Identification
  • Law Enforcement Incident or Arrest Report
  • Criminal History Records
  • Driver’s Licenses Record (past 7 years)
  • Results of any Evidentiary Tests Performed for Present Case

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