Every person’s experience with substance use disorder is unique, so treatment plans are most successful when they are tailored to individual needs. Our treatment system for substance use disorders can be compromised of multiple service components, a participant may not need every one of these components, but they are available to utilize:

Assessments/Evaluations for Drug & Alcohol

Full GAIN (Global Assessment of Individual Needs) Assessment

Short GAIN Screener

Treatment Planning

Intensive Outpatient Services

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Individual or Group Setting

Relapse Prevention Therapy in Individual or Group Setting

Case Management

Medication Management

Recovery Support Services

Peer Support

Substance use disorders (SUD) affect people from all walks of life and all age groups. These disorders are common, recurrent, and often serious, but they are treatable and many do recover. Those suffering from SUD are not alone in fact in 2014 21.5 million adults (8.1%) had a substance use disorder. (1) The exact cause of SUD is unknown although a person’s genetics, emotional distress, anxiety, depression, reaction to a drug/substance, and peer-pressure can all be factors. What is known is how to diagnose a disorder and how to plan a successful treatment. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders states: when an individual persists in use of alcohol or other drugs this can result in an addiction that is a disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite the adverse consequences of use.(2) The goals of SUD treatment are like those of treatment for other serious chronic illnesses. The individualized treatment plan is geared towards helping individuals stop or significantly reduce major symptoms off the illness, improve their physical, mental health and social functioning along with teaching them to monitor their condition and gain control of their risk for relapsing. Therefore basing treatment plans off of specific ways to avoid the addictive stimulus and find therapeutic interventions to help learn healthier ways to find satisfaction.

Positive Connections Plus is dedicated to bringing independence and a better quality of life to individuals and families who experience substance use disorders. We provide intensive out-patient treatment, co-occurring disorder treatment and recovery support services to participants with substance use disorders and their families. We use well supported scientific evidence-based Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help people change patterns of behavior that are not effective in living a healthy and productive life. As well as Relapse Prevention Therapy that is a systematic method of learning how to recognize and manage relapse-warning signs. These therapies are provided in an individual or group environment where the individual can feel engaged and safe in sharing their thoughts and feelings.

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